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Corporate Update from the CEO of CannaOne Technologies

Solomon Riby-Williams, the President/CEO of CannaOne Technologies is pleased to announce the corporate update to the investment industry pertaining to the efforts of the company made to expand its business during 2019-2020. In an interview, Solomon stated, “Our company is striving towards laying the foundation for successful achievement of the corporate goals and objectives over the next 2 years. Presently, we are into negotiations and discussions with some of the parties in the industry as it particularly relates to the launch and development of online marketplaces for numerous countries across Europe and Asia.”

He added that they are further pursuing similar business endeavors in certain states and provinces of North America where they can benefit from the disruptive economic opportunities by offering the industry a unique platform for the development of cannabis services and solutions meant for medical practitioners and general consumers. According to the co-founder of CannaOne Technologies, Solomon Riby-Williams, the North American cannabis market is highly fragmented and offers the company a pathway to position itself to potential clients not only as a developer of an innovative marketplace but also as a manager and consolidator of valuable, informative cannabis user information.

CannaOne Technologies has developed BloomKit, the innovative enterprise software solution which can prove useful to any B-to-C company. It is designed to offer dynamic features like themed online storefronts for cannabis dispensaries. Such functionalities ensure the product offers the highest level of customer satisfaction while making legal purchase of cannabis products. The marketplace is expected to be launched in June this year.


How To Beat Stress With London Escorts

Many men who visit London for business often suffer from loneliness or get stressed out due to work pressure. Whether you are a single, living in London or you are a business traveler staying alone at one of the city hotels, a good way to beat the stress is to hook up with one of the London Escorts. This can help you take a break from reality and get a release so that you can get back to work with twice the enthusiasm.

Time Needed To Relax

When your mind is stressed, the body can also go through a stressful situation and desperately needsto relax. Getting your mind off the stress from your work can be accomplished when you share time with someone as beautiful as the escorts in London. These damsels are not only gorgeous, but they are willing to do anything to relax you and make you feel rejuvenated.

When you book aLondon escort from one of their reputed adult agencies, you can be sure that you will receive a partner who has beauty with brains. Most of these girls are open minded and they are willing to help their clients switch off from the real world and relax.

Understanding Short Bookings

Many escort service agencies in London get shorter bookings, usually for 30 minutes or 2 hours. These are extremely busy professionals looking for some fun during a break or over their lunch time. According to an escort, such encounters require a quick service hence they leave out the GFE or Girlfriend Experience service.

For the casual and quick encounters, the client does not have a lot of time for conversation and they are already too stressed. The professional escorts from London know this well and they act according to the need of the time. They will typically greet the client with a hug or kiss and a glass of wine in hand. This helps in setting up the mood and getting the client ready for action. Such clients may want to enjoy a physical encounter quickly or they may be too tired for sex and ask for a massage instead.

How To Book A London Escort

Regardless of what your personal needs are, these highly trained London escorts have seen it all and done it all. If this is your first encounter, you may feel shy but then again these ladies have a way to make you feel comfortable. If you have time at hand, you will be able to open and speak about things in your life and get closer with the woman before heading for a great night behind the closed doors.

The best way to book a London escort is online and there are some really good escort agencies that have websites for quick bookings. You can take a look at the profiles of London escorts available, read about their background, watch their photographs and then make a booking. If you have any queries, contact the website with the phone number provided and book the woman of your choice.